pink panic        July/2018   420*220mm 

“Pink Panic” is my final undergraduate project.
I noticed that people around me were ashamed to say the word “menstruation”. It seems that it was a taboo term.
So I discuss this issue in public to against the taboo. My thinking is that, apart from strengthening their gender consciousness through participating in and reinforcing social norms, girls also shape their feminist consciousness by their thinking about their own bodies. I hope that this work will be of great social meaning and value, telling the girls who experience panic about menstruation that it is not shameful, and, more broadly, I want to encourage society to set aside the stigma so that we can, together, spread love about women’s bodies.

I try to express menstruation in a poetic way. I find some imageries like bloodmoon、red flowers、clouds to represent blood, to convey some feeling like confusion、shame and fear.

the exhibition
I painted a wall pink and placed a dressing table with a mirror and a fragrance in a corner of the wall to create the atmosphere of a girl's room, employing visual and olfactory dimensions to echo the theme. I placed a booklet on the table to symbolize the creation process, so that the audience could gain a deeper understanding of the background and significance of the work. The booklete binding resembled the packaging of sanitary napkins. In terms of tactile elements, I printed images on rough and fluffy paper, and placed a fluffy mattress on the table.